Blood Storage Facility

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Blood Storage Facility

Our blood storage unit is established in 10 square meter area , with one doctor one technician and 3 staff nurses trained in blood bank for procedures like storage , grouping and cross matching and release of blood .

The medical officer designated for the purpose will be responsible for overall working of the storage centre

Electricity: Regular 24hrs supply is present with generator backup.

Equipment: 1.We have one blood bank Refrigerator with storage capacity of 60 unit of blood.  2. Deep freezer for freezing ice packs for transportation of blood packets. 3. Reagent Storage Refrigerator 4. Thawing for water bath 5. Microscopes 6. Gel technic Cross matching equipment 7. Centrifuges 8. Consumables 9. 2 Air Conditioners

We Get screened blood bags from mother blood bank i.e. KGH Blood bank and we cater the needs of VIMS Emergency /OT Patients

 We are planning to Establish Blood bank soon with the given 150 Sq.mts area in the 1st floor above EMD and OT’s. Further we are planning to establish transfusion medicine department with two seats of MD Transfusion medicine in near future.